The best courier and delivery service in the city - Turbo-Trčko Beograde

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Food delivery

When you are pressed for time, You may count on us


Shopping and delivery from super markets, pharmacy stores, flower stores...

Package delivery

Gifts, documents, letters...


Order food from any restaurant and/or fast food kiosk in Belgrade and we will deliver it to your doorstep quickly so you can enjoy your meal while it is still warm


We run errands for you: in case you need a delivery from a retail shop, a grocery's, a shopping mall, a boutique, a perfumery, a flower shop, a pharmacy, or any other store, we do the shopping for you and deliver the goods to your doorstep


Safe and prompt delivery of documents, letters, packages, money, or paying bills. We recognize the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

When you are pressed for time, You may count on us

Delivery service, Belgrade - we deliver, fetch and carry all you need on the territory of Belgrade
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Working hours: 09-01h

Our Prices

1 (a,b) Zone 380din
2. (a, b, c, d) Zone 490din
3. (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i) Zone 610din
4. (a, b) Zone 490din
5 Zone 610din
6. Zone 770din
7. Zone 980din

Delivery in the zones not listed above is possible upon agreement.

If the delivery includes different zones, crossing into a different zone is charged 150 din

We charge additional 100 din for each stop we need to make in order to obtain/send the delivery

We charge 10din per minute for any delay.

Packages over 5kg are charged 15din per 1kg.